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– Last man on earth

By: Edgar
July 05, 2018

This show made my so so happy and when I wired that it got cancelled I was sad that show made me feel so happy then ever please bring it back

– Dynasty (2017)

By: Midi
February 19, 2018

This soap opera has quickly become my favorite show. Itís all i have looked for in a show. My friends and i are hooked to it. We binge watched all 13 episodes and canít wait for more! Itís simply a modern version of the 1980 Dynasty. Thereís a new cast, who i think are brilliantly selected (especially the role for Fallon Carringon). There is a lot more to the Carrington story. People shouldnít judge th show based om what they see and read, they should give this show a chance and they will know what i mean. Itís a new show and even though itís not hitting the top charts, i know and see so many people enjoying this show. Itís so much fun to watch.

– Last Man Standing

By: Kenneth Common
May 16, 2017

This show is hilarious. I've always enjoyed Tim Allen. This show is as good as Home Improvement was. I think it's disgraceful that a show with very high ratings would be cancelled due to ABC not liking the non- politically correct content. It's a comedy folks. So since when is it off limits to be non politically correct? I guess since ABC wants only to spew it's liberal mindset.

– Once upon a time

By: Zana Hill
April 04, 2017

I hope ouat get renewed for season 7. I really like this show, and I really want to see more disney character like tarzan, flynn rider, and princess tiana. I love love love this show expecially captain swan.

– Pure Genius

By: Christine G
March 24, 2017

When I think of inspirational TV show's! One comes to mind, and that's "Pure Genius". In an age where there is nothing on TV, but violence, and brutality it was nice to watch a program about hope, and perseverance! The medical advance's on the show gave me a glimpse into a future that one can only imagine at this point in time! That maybe Cancer can be treated to extend more lives! That maybe a girl with a skin condition can attend her Prom through the dedication of doctors who actually care. Why take hope away from viewers who themselves have medical conditions with the yearning that one day they may be cured. I sincerely hope that "Pure Genius" gets picked up by another network who can see not only its medical value to it's viewers, but to budding doctor's out there who may want to venture into the field of medicine. Eliminating "Pure Genius" from it's lineup is not Genius at all!

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